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The route toward concealing, by applying surface tones to free fiber, string and surface are called surface shading. Being finished for a large number of years, it has tried from various perspectives until the present time, and extraordinary results have been gotten. 

Bubbling Method and Washing-Machine Method 

I. Can or Sink Method 

• This surface shading procedure is finished by filling a bowl or a tremendous holder with water or obstructing the channel of the sink; to fill it with water. 

• If the action is finished some spot out of the sink; the spread should be spread so as not the water to stream out. 

• Before starting this surface shading action, the sink or the slug should be stacked up with 60 C bubbling water, as the pros urge, and the powder surface tone should be said a final farewell to high temp water in another compartment. 

What Are the Fabric Dyeing Methods? 

What Are the Fabric Dyeing Methods? 

• If the concealing is unreasonably light, to some degree more tone should be incorporated, yet if it is too faint high temp water should be incorporated. 

• The crumbled shading should be poured to where the water is and should be blended for quite a while. 

• After being liberated from the whole of its stains, the thing to be hued is put where the shading is, by being wet, and water and the shading are mixed for 10 minutes, without offering a respite. 

• The surface that is kept in the water for at any rate thirty minutes and generally for an hour, is taken out from the water when inferred that it has the typical concealing. 

• Just resulting to shading, Fiske surface shading stabilizer is applied according to the rules. 

• You should then flush the shaded surface with cold water. After this, wash your surface with warm water and a fragile chemical; flush it and dry it. In the wake of getting dried, your surface will have the ordinary concealing. 

II. Foaming Method 

Foaming is another methodology used for surface shading. 

• An enormous pot where surface can move successfully is stacked up with water and this pot is put on the cookstove. The cookstove is turned on and when the water fires warming up the shading is incorporated into the water. 

• The thing to be hued is wetted and thrown into the water. 

• The thing to be hued is put where the shading is, by wetting; in the wake of being cleaned of all of its stains. It is blended in the underlying 10 minutes without offering a relief. 

• After this movement, flush the hued surface with cold water. By then, wash your surface with warm water and sensitive chemical, flush and dry it. In the wake of drying, your surface will have the typical concealing. 

III. Garments washer Method 

You can without a very remarkable stretch shading your surface with garments washer surface shading procedure. 

• The temperature level of the garments washer should be fixed at the most raised level. Also, the time setting should be fixed with the end goal that the machine will work at any rate 30 minutes. 

• The surface tone is relaxed absolutely by mixing it with bubbling water in a plastic pot. In it, 1 teaspoon of tidying up liquid is incorporated. 

• In another pot; if cotton or material is being hued, salt should be broken down in 4 glasses of high temp water; and if silk or nylon is being shaded, some vinegar and 2-4 glasses of warmed water should be blended(mixed( together. 

• Firstly the shading, and from here on out, the vinegar and salt are spilt into the chemical box of the garments washer and it should be turned on. 

• After the machine stops, the hued surface is washed indeed with warm water and it gets readied to use. 

Viktoria has been creating surface shading over 100 years for you. There is no prerequisite for the workshop, additional rigging, improvement and time on account of Viktoria Fabric Dyes. Since the Viktoria Dye has been arranged and filled in like way.

What Are the Fabric Dyeing Methods?
What Are the Fabric Dyeing Methods? 

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