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Why don't you need laxatives for weight or delicacy of health

The digestive ability is easy to support, and you do not need a laxative to keep a large second health. Learn what the best proteins are and connect them to genetic dining, you can be happy healthy and IBS free, even through old age. 

Laxatives are dangerous for your health. Removing electrolytes from the body can damage the brain and cause crises. Suppose you're going to drive and catch. This can unnecessarily take your life. 

The laxilla may have a rebound effect on the small intestine and the colon. Your thin guts can not suck the foods that your body needs, and the colon ceases to work naturally when they are said to work. This may result in a damaged collection direction that needs to be cut and bound to the stomach with a colostomy bag outside the bucket. 

Laxatives cause renal closing. When you remove all the water from the body with colon, there is no reason the kidneys to work, and they can be closed, which will get you to go on dialysis. 

Finally, taking laxatives can damage your heart. The electronic balance must be stored in healthy signaling and rhythm. By removing all system electrolytes, damage this delicate balance. 

Learn to edit food for the best digestion of health, starting a book to find out which proteins work on genetic blood. Next learning that the zone works for you, you can do a simple genetic test. Are you carbon, or low fat? Are you balanced or Mediterranean? Do you know a better eating protein or vegetables?

Do you have genetic deviations that can cause the supplement you need is another thing that a simple genetic test says. 40% of the population is mthfr and eating the foods you need to support this space, keep colored clean and happier and healthier. 

Depending on the addition, problems can cause problems because, in addition to supplementation, it may cause an acid to accumulate in the system, resulting in cancer or automatic immune diseases. 

Learn to manage the size of your party so you can help the colon to heal. You may learn to keep the best weight and also make your neck happy. 

Happy balance of proteins and vegetables for lunch or dinner. Officials and fortified cereals with almonds or fruit in yogurt or quino. You can choose what you like the most. 

Learn which proteins are best for you and avoid. Be open to change to help because the change is needed to remove the abdomen. 

Free newsletters where you can get free training and learn to edit food. 

The first tool suitable for genetic test, cheek, here

And the primary list is very useful and avoid food for specific genetic types. Here

Since these two tools, you learn that proteins and have a very useful low glythopeat high fibergoods, your body needs and which "belt" to eat to find the best loss and paid health. 

If you have shortened the money, I recommend a book and first to know your blood. As I said, newsletters are free.