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Choose your language Translate Canada is best known for welcoming people from different countries for educational and professional purposes. With its diverse population, thriving economy and cultural diversity, immigrants find it quite easy to get a fresh start here. If you are planning to migrate to Canada from Dubai to the United Arab Emirates, it is best to find a legal immigration consultant in Dubai and search online to find the qualities of this country to know where to settle. With three territories and ten provinces, there is so much to consider to avoid the pitfalls. 

When applying for the Canada Immigration Express Entry (it is the most popular immigration program in Canada), you need a reliable immigration consultant in Dubai to get the right advice and help. 

In addition, you may want to consider the following to settle in your dream country:

Age matters Think about how long it takes to collect your documents Your education matters A job offers in Canada Prepare for the language test Continue reading above points1. Age Matters Applicants for this program will be assessed according to the points system. These points are awarded for a candidate’s basic capital factors that include education, work experience and age. In terms of age, the highest marks are awarded to those between 20 and 29 years of age. So it is good not to wait for the process, otherwise you may lose some points. 

2. Take into account the time it takes to collect your documents When you apply for an RP visa, you must submit a set of documents, ie a police check in all the countries where you have lived for 6 months or more. of 18. In some countries it may take several months to process and obtain the necessary police certificates. Other important documents include school certificates, proof of work experience, medical examination, proof of funds, etc. 

3. Your education conditions As mentioned below, applicants receive the entire ranking system or CRS points while the Canadian government assesses your immigration eligibility. Highly qualified candidates get more points. For example, a candidate with a doctorate. can receive up to 150 points while a 3-year study program will be awarded up to 120 points. You need to check this aspect with the best Dubai visa consultants for Canada. 

4. Job offers in Canada Applicants who already have a valid job offer in the country before applying for an immigration visa through the Express Entry system can earn up to 600 points. In addition, they are faster through the PR or immigration process. You need to look at the Canadian job market before applying for a visa. 

5. Prepare for the language test No matter what you have in French or English, you must take a language test before applying for Canadian immigration. Your proficiency in one of these languages  will determine your points. For example, if you have advanced language skills, you can get a maximum score of up to 34. It should be noted that if you are married, your partner will have to perform well, as their skills will also be equally important. 

So here are some things to keep in mind when applying for Canadian immigration. This way you can avoid the pitfalls planned by some reliable “so-called” Dubai Immigration Consultants for Canada. Find out more about the agency to determine if they are the most trusted immigration consultants in Dubai before moving on. 

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