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8 Facts You Should Know About Yellow Gold Jewelry In India


Yellow gold jewelery: Gold: the name of the noble yellow metal is derived from the Latin word “Arum” which means fiery dawn and takes the chemical name “Au”. For many centuries, the ease of use, sensual feel, and enduring beauty of gold have made it one of the most valuable metals in the world. It was not only seen as an ornament, but also as a symbol of power and status. It has also been the subject of controversy in many popular wars, movies, and robberies.

Gold has been the metal of dreams for fashion and jewelry designers who use it to unleash their creativity, give art forms, turn them into design, and give metal a new life and elegance. When it comes to a country like India, it is treated on a par with God, given its price; it is also an important asset class that enjoys a distinct position among others favored by the majority of Indians in all age groups.
Due to its popularity, India has become a destination country for gold. Little by little, some cities emerged that only became manufacturing centers such as yellow gold jewelry in Jaipur, diamond cutting in Surat, gold mines in Karnataka, etc., which together became an industry that provides employment opportunities. for a large number of artisans, craftsmen, goldsmiths and designers.
8 points on yellow gold jewelry
Here are eight points about gold that we have collected exclusively for you and that no Whitegold Jewelery wholesaler will ever tell you:

Did you know that there are different shades of gold in addition to yellow, white, and rose gold? In fact, yes, blue, black, green and purple are other special golden colors in use, of which the Indians prefer yellow to other colors. White gold jewelry wholesalers and wholesale gemstone suppliers indicate that yellow gold globally is opaque due to its lower purity, such as 8 karat, 10 karat, and 14 karat, making it appear close to gold. White.
Gold is very malleable, that is, it cannot be used in its purest form because it can simply break or melt.
The purest form is expressed in 24 karat gold, which is considered 100% quality. 91.6% pure yellow-white metal is widely used by Indians. The remaining 8.4% is a mixture of metal alloys.
KDM and non-KDM are terms popularly used by retailers in India, KDM stands for cadmium, a metal used to solder jewelry. Iridium is another metal used in welding. Example of KDM regardless of the purity and color of the gold: A wholesaler of 18k white gold or 22k yellow gold jewelry using only KDM.
Another important aspect that we have heard but have not really explored is markup. The marking is a type of scale that indicates the percentage of gold purity. Like 24 karat – 100%, 22 karat – 91.66% pure gold, likewise, 18 karat 75% pure metal and so on. Buying premium gold is recommended as it helps us understand purity and also gives us good resale value.
If you have unmarked old gold, you can get it from a special BIS registered place. BIS is the Indian Bureau of Standards Certification for Purity and Accuracy – there will be an examination and qualification center mark on the jewelry along with the qualification year and jeweler identification mark.
When buying diamonds, it should be noted that most diamond jewelry, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, etc., is made with a purity of 18 carats to improve the ability of the mineral to lock it. This helps keep the diamond jewelry intact and also helps the diamonds stay in position and bond with the gold. The range of diamonds that fall from its studs is minimal. Hence, 18 karat white gold jewelry in India that is commonly used for diamonds is made like this.
Did you know that there is a WGC (World Gold Council) that promotes gold around the world, based in London, which is an international non-profit organization funded by the main yellow gold miners? They actively work with the local government, publish data on gold regularly and are also helpful in policy / legislation changes. It also acts as an important link in Yellowgold’s distribution chain. WGC has offices in four main metro stations which are Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. .
Final conclusion
Having said a lot about gold, it is worth noting that the yellow metal is not only an integral part of the life of the average Indian, but also an important industry such as the gem and jewelry industry that is not yet recognized by the government. .

However, it is still the most sought-after investment route considering the exposure rate.

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