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‘Bitcoin Going to the Moon’ — Bitmex Sending Actual Bitcoin to Lunar Surface in Q4

Digital currency trade Bitmex is sending bitcoin to the moon. A stand-out physical bitcoin will be printed and conveyed to the moon by a main space advanced mechanics organization that Bitmex upholds. The coin will hold one bitcoin at a location to be freely delivered.

Bitcoin Will Be on the Moon in Q4

Bitmex declared Friday that “Bitcoin is going to the moon.” While many say that bitcoin’s cost has “gone to the moon” a few times previously, Bitmex implies this time a physical bitcoin will be in a real sense dispatched to the moon.

Aiding Bitmex land the coin on the lunar surface is the Pennsylvania-based business space organization Astrobotic Innovation Inc., a main space advanced mechanics organization that Bitmex upholds. The trade clarifies that the space mechanical technology organization will send “its first business lander to the moon in the final quarter of this current year.”

Astrobotic Innovation “has been chosen by NASA to convey science, investigation and innovation exhibit payloads to the lunar surface with its Peregrine lunar lander,” Bitmex further definite, adding:

Bitmex will mint a unique physical bitcoin, like the Casascius coins of 2013, which will be conveyed to the moon by Astrobotic. The coin will hold one bitcoin at a location to be freely delivered, under an alter clear 3D image covering.

Peregrine-1 is Astrobotic’s first business lunar lander because of dispatch in November 2021. “The payload is possessing an authority opening on the show. It will be the first-ever bitcoin to be on the outside of the Moon, with photographic proof taken to demonstrate it,” Bitmex noted.

The coin will show the Bitmex name, the mission name, the date it was printed, and the bitcoin cost at the hour of stamping.

“For all the discussion of bitcoin going to the moon, we’re really going to do it,” said Bitmex President Alex H?ptner.

Referring to Spacex President Elon Musk intending to “send DOGE to the moon,” Bitmex said:

We’ve nothing against Canine Cash, [but] we felt it was simply option to help bitcoin arrive first.

What’s your opinion about Bitmex sending a bitcoin to the moon? Tell us in the remarks segment underneath.

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