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How to Prevent Canadian Immigration Fraud

Choose a language Powered by Google Translate Translate People dream of emigrating to Canada to advance their career and improve their lives. But there are separate procedures adopted by the country that immigrants must follow to migrate to Canada. These procedures include the compilation of various documents and their transmission to the competent authorities or departments. 

There are many expert resources available online and certified immigration advisers who can guide you through this entire process and keep you updated on your progress and any changes in immigration laws. 

Here are some ways to help you avoid all forms of immigration. 

Migrate Legally: It is essential to follow the process as directed by the authorities and to avoid illegal methods, mainly by offering an acronym for Canada. 

Immigration fraud is a criminal offense that leads to deportation, financial sanctions and even a life-long ban on ever returning to the coasts of the country. That is why it is important never to falsify any documents to be sent for immigration purposes. One must also be patient during this time consuming process and not search for shortcuts. You can regularly check the status of your application on the Canadian Immigration Portal and work on it to make sure you meet all the listed requirements to run the specific immigration program. 

Watch out for warning indicators: Make sure you don’t share your legitimate or essential information with a stranger online, and make sure you only do business with reputable and certified immigration agencies. Don’t consider commitments they offer without reviewing the supporting documents. If you find that some agencies are acting suspiciously, make sure to stop using their services, keep all your data and report them to the authorities. 

Only deal with an immigration adviser approved by ICCRC: ICCRC is the national regulatory body that helps and protects the public by overseeing authorized immigration and citizenship advisers and international student advisers. So, to avoid fraudulent agencies, always ensure that you only work with ICCRC-approved immigration advisers. These advisers are knowledgeable about the law and process for immigration from Canada and will be able to give you the best advice for immigration to Canada. 

Reporting fraud: Ensuring that other people also remain protected from immigration fraud is essential. If you are informed of any such companies or people involved in illegal immigration of falsely promising people who are emigrating to Canada, you should notify the authorities so that other people do not suffer at the hands of such imposters. 

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