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My assumption would be that each of us can use the breath of the bad news constant, changing news and contradictory news that is everywhere in this pandemic. But, what is really the break and where is the most authentic place to get it?

Media to breathe: a short rest period or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. 

Some synonyms are: rest, intermediate, respiratory space and interlude. 

Do you find that you just read the definition and the synonyms breathed you for a moment ‘ah’ as  your whole body relaxes? It’s definitely how I answered. 

So where do we find the break? Well, it is often performed when it escapes for a while. Or even when we are required by a pandemic to stay at home for a long period of time. The break can also be found by breaking old habits and accepting new, healthier. 

But the right and lasting break. The authentic pause comes away from God. 

Matthew 11: 28-30 says, “Are you tired? Are you worn? Come to me (God). Dry with me and restore your life, I’ll show you how to take a real break. Walk with me and Work with me and work with Me: Notice how I do it. Learn the unformed rhythms of grace. “- The message

God can help with when you are, you must breathe. He knows you intimate as your manufacturer and caring. I love the phrase “learn unforeseen rydhms or grace”. This is the one God is. He never forces his grace over you. It simply offers it in a soft and continuous pattern for your lap. 

The “normal” life needs me to breathe! Add this current pandemic and all that means in our lives, along with any other difficult or tragic situation and it is easy to discover it for a real rest. 

If you have never really thought to go back to God, it will challenge you to consider canceling it. Also read that John’s book in the Bible will answer many potential questions that I can have about God. 

If you start thinking that God doesn’t really care, and your situation, it will challenge you to think and pray to show yourself in a new and very right way in unforbered Grace Rushhs. The Psalms are an excellent way to learn more about the character of God. 

If you are very sure of the love of God and take care of you, I will challenge you to take more moments to “ah” to focus on who God is. Psalm 23 is a great way to focus on God’s character. 

. And if you want you to order and/or for you, you can complete your information on the contact form of my website (in the resource table at the end of this article). I will consider it a great privilege to pray for you. 

Carin Hansen helped women and men, of all ages, look at the best of articles, blogs, books, seminars and workshops for many of his life. Because she interacts with many lives in many personal ways, she has unique knowledge of spiritual struggle, both men and women, equally face. 

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