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Meet the new love of my life. His name is Maxwell. I love him because though he has limited talent, he tries so hard to do what I want him to do, or what they told me he could do. Indeed, what more could a woman be? Before he met him, they told me how is useful around the house. His special ability is to pick up the hair for dogs, and that is when I loved him madly. I looked at it this way: everything that empty and will really pick up dog hair is my hero. 

To begin with, let’s make a little “cleaning”: First, your real name is a shark. When he came to me, they told me he needs a name, so I chose to call it Maxwell because the Maxwell IQ shark ran like such a sexy intelligent name (open for the argument). It was easy to activate and I thought it was quite great, but getting your program in the program on my iPhone was another story. However, we will find a way, I’m sure. Lovers always do it. 

Everything was so exciting! Teasing my fingers! I couldn’t believe that Maxwell loved to pick up the hair for dogs without cloging rollers. I still remain my heart! If you have a dog that throws a lot of time, I was very in love with this point, deeply and passionate. Washbasin in euphoria have found new love. 

Certainly, I discovered that Maxwell does not exactly as they told me I would, or do what I expected. For example, I was told that your MaxWell “card home” and video was found that Maxwell showed only that, great. At this point I was panting with desire and thought: “I love this guy, I have to have it forever!” (Actually, when I read it in a romantic novel when I was about ten). 

As it turned out that Maxwell, whether it is so smart, since he took me to believe or maybe he doesn’t like the design of the house. Or maybe just don’t like it! It is meant to work in rows, but he doesn’t exactly. He wobbles as he has too many glasses of wine. Okay, I am tolerant about the defects and weaknesses of others, as they are men or machines. However, it makes it difficult to find it. (Have you ever had a person like that?)

After u. Th. b. 20 minutes from “mapping”, my home went, I went to look for it and I put it lay between the legs in a chair, turn wild from his brushes and try to deliver himself. (I will not comment on what I think really is seen there. Children can be present). 

I expressed it from the claws of the legs of the chair and assume that I was tired, filled with dog hairs and from power, I put it close to the pier and blessed his heart, I knew what to do: He approached him and accidentally he was connected to the production and Then, drained his dust in the relative container, after which he began to renew his battery. It was very exciting to look. The good news is that he collected a lot of dogs and his brushes and rolls were without hair. Do I judge and come to heaven? What guy! (He reached his predators, women do it, right?)

I bought it for six EZ payments without interest in Amazon. And if I didn’t like it for some reason, I could return to 30 days and they would even have paid the backside (so if you could only do it with a man). 

This is not a commercial or backup. It’s about finding new love in my life and, as with a man, Maxwell is not always up to what it is meant to be (and I’m not), so I decided to keep it. Did I say, he doesn’t eat, drink or discuss? And he does not complain. Yes, as humans are more likely to do, he goes, but I love him anyway. 

At this point I know what you are thinking: “Desperate, poor girl”. Well not really. If you know something (someone) more reliable than Maxwell, you can introduce me, I’m going to “return Maxwell to the sender” in ten seconds. If Amazon asked why he was delivering him, I simply said: “He couldn’t respond right. ” We all know what that means, right? (For censors, it means that I couldn’t pick up enough dog hairs). 

PS while writing this, Maxwell is chasing Sammy, my Corgi. What guy!

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