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Confess it! Your eyes shone and your hope rose the moment you saw the title of this article. For most of the students, the only thing between them and their dream study abroad that focuses on Canada is the budget limit. What if we told all Canadian enthusiasts that studying in Canada is cheap and that you can make your dreams come true? Read on to find out how much money you need to study and live in Canada. 

Costs of Studying and Living in Canada for Indian Students Costs of Studying and Living in Canada for Indian Students Costs of Studying and Living in Canada for Indian Students It makes more sense to apply for a course in Canada because smart students have better chances of doing it at a good university given the competitive competition in India.

 Last year, for example, about 1. 3 million students attended the main JEE exam in India. Of the top 150,000, only 27,152 candidates qualified for JEE Advanced. Look at the sample rate – 0. 02%. Isn’t it better to invest time and resources in preparing to qualify for one of the best universities in Canada? This single reason would remove all your doubt that Canadian education is expensive! The first misunderstood students and their parents have – Canada is an expensive educational destination.

 In fact, studying and living in Canada costs less than studying in the United States or Europe. The wisest do not consider studying in Canada an expense; It is a lifelong fruitful investment that will give you a brighter future due to Canada’s world-class education, quality of life, and globally recognized degrees. So like any other investment, this one also needs financial planning and vision. 

On average, an international student spends $ 800 a month on living expenses. This amount can go up or down, depending on the city. As in Toronto, the monthly cost of living goes up to 1000 CAD. 

You can minimize your Canadian education expenses by keeping these factors in mind -1. Choose a Cheaper City – If you have budget constraints, it is best to choose a university campus in suburban areas and avoid living on more expensive Vancouver or Toronto campuses than other cities in Canada. 

2. Choose to stay in a hostel than private accommodation – Staying in a hostel will be cheaper compared to staying as a PG in private accommodation. However, living as a PG gives you a lot of freedom and opportunity. So you can make the decision depending on the funds you have available. 

3. Apply for Scholarships – Many Canadian colleges and universities offer scholarships to international students. With expert guidance from foreign education advisors such as Canam Consultants, you can choose a college or university that gives you scholarships, scholarships, and scholarships, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

 International students can apply for specific scholarships for athletic and academic achievement and subject-specific scholarships. When we talk about how much money an international student needs to arrange: Every international student expects as much money as would be enough to pay the cost of studying and living in Canada for one year.

 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) requires this proof that you have enough money and resources available to pay your dues and live in a foreign country. The college you choose in Canada will give you an estimate of your cost of living in Canada. If this estimate is not given, international students must show certificates of $ 10,000 for 12 months of living expenses per student. 

If a student goes to Canada after marriage, he or she must show additional funds of $ 4,000 for one spouse and an additional $ 3,000 for each dependent (or child). This amount includes accommodation, food, medical insurance, transportation, books, and clothing, but it does not include tuition or other fees. 

When you are in Canada, you can support yourself; thanks to the handsome salary of part-time jobs. As a student, you can participate in such jobs for 20 hours a week and get paid nicely. These expenses cover the cost of living for the coming year. 

Relax and focus on your goal with Canadian Education. Whatever help you need to plan your student life in Canada, you can use it from an experienced and friendly team of Canam Consultants. 

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